Юрий Иванович (jc_trader) wrote,
Юрий Иванович

Чак Лебо на своем форуме отдает по дешевке все свои системы

Чак Лебо на своем форуме отдает по дешевке все свои системы оптом за 500 у.е. :)

For those of you who were active on the old site you will remember that I had developed 18 trading systems for futures that were offered for sale at $250 each.

I am retired from trading now and no longer tracking the systems on a regular basis. However, once we get all the important content moved over from the old site Jason and I plan to start retesting and updating these systems. After being untouched for more than ten years most of these systems will need a tune-up (reoptimization) to bring them up to date for current market conditions. I have been told that a few of the systems have held up well without any attention. Because these systems currently need some updating I have bundled them and reduced the price.

If you would like to purchase these systems as learning tools (for their innovative logic and coding) you can have all 18 systems for a total of only $500. The rules and logic of each of these systems is explained in detail in text form. The EasyLanguage coding for TradeStation is included in both text and electronic format and the code is open so the parameter settings used can easily be updated.

Once we update the systems we plan to revert to the old pricing schedule so now is a good opportunity to get $4500 in systems for only $500.

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